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Originally Posted by titaniumdave View Post
... planning on using the 6 speed 986 trans and cut it to clear the starter of the Audi motor. Anyone done this?

What clutch did you use for your build?
I'm currently building with a 986 5-speed and a flywheel/clutch arrangement for an Audi A6 2.7T (C5 platform). I may pull my 6-speed off the Boxster engine in a week or two and get a look at if there are any issues using the 6 speed transmission with that clutch and flywheel. I'll post if I do.
What engine are you using, 32 valve or 40 valve?

I ran into an unexpected problem with mine, where after I bolted the transmission on the engine wouldn't turn. My clutch pressure plate was in contact with the transmission housing. I'm currently waiting for a "01E103551H" spacer to correct it. Most swaps have not needed it and I'm still not sure why mine did. I'm using a late 2003 AUX engine and I don't see other swaps with that particular one.

An Audizine thread about the spacer:

Here's some clutch and flywheel discussion that should be helpful (also mentions spacers):
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