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Originally Posted by B6T View Post
... Does anyone have any insight on the wiring for these swaps? I've started laying out wire functions and colours for the Boxster in a spreadsheet but haven't done so for the engine side of things yet.
I think that the harness coming from my A8 AUX engine is bundled differently than the A6 harness.
The engine harness in this thread by '4Loops' swapping an ART into an A4 may be closer to your engine:
Detailed V8 Swap: B5 A4 4.2L - Page 5

I traced these connectors and came up with a spreadsheet (still rough and unverified). If you want a copy of it in .xls PM me your email. My intent is to share it (post it publicly for download) after I clean it up and verify. -I'm not likely to do any work on this in December.

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