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Originally Posted by Brad Roberts View Post
Those camber plates don't offer enough -camber. Maybe another 1degree on top of the 1degree you get from the stock plates.

The *only real way to get camber in the cars is adjustable lower control arms.
Hey Brad, yeah I understand.
I did however slot my towers and right now, with stock control arms and suspension, I'm getting ~-1.8 to -2.0 camber in the front. I would think the sweet spot for front camber is ~-2.5 deg with my RComp tires and stock suspension (with Eibach sway bars). Right now, I'm getting a little wear on the outside of the front tires, but I don't feel any understeer running 34-35 psi hot. Rears are wearing even and I have -1.9 deg camber on the rear (maxed out stock setting).

If I wanted to do this right, I would want to do PSS9s or KW3s, adj. control arms, adj. drop links, FIA seats + 6 pt harnesses + HANS, fire suppression, electric power steering etc... My issue is how to do all that and still have a budget leftover for my truck, bimmer, house remodeling, track events and the girlfriend!
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