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Interchangeability of 6MT?

Hi Guys,
I am soon to replace the 6MT in my 125K mile 2000 S with a 23K mile unit from a 2003. I was wondering if there are any special considerations for the 2003 unit into the 2000 car which I need to account for in the installation?

It looks like in the pics of the unit from ebay, there is a cooling loop - I'm not sure if my existing trans has that. Would that have come standard on the S or is there an option code I can look for? If my car didn't come equipped, is there any guide for retrofitting?

Also - since I will be pulling the trans, I'm planning to do the following:
  • single mass flywheel
  • Spec Stage 2 clutch kit

Are there any other good 'While you are in there' tasks? FWIW, I am planning on a suspension overhaul later in the winter.


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