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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Did you modify the front firewall at all? My cam covers were pressed against the firewall until I hammered and cut a little more space.
It that a custom shifter cable? It's a tight fit over the top with stock.
No problem with the cam covers. Have maybe half an inch of clearance.

Cayman S shift cables re-routed to the rhs of the engine. A six speed will need the two cables split and run either side of the engine I think.

On mobile, so can't post photos. Will get some and post later.
What do you have for a engine mount/subframe? I paid way too much to have a local fabricator make mine and after bringing it back 3 times gave up on him. I can make it work, but I'm not happy with it.

I built a custom cradle using the stock front mounting location and a custom cross piece much like yours. But mine doesn't sit as low. I used the Audi engine mount aluminum pieces with Jeep rubber blocks to provide a little isolation.

Have another car on the lift right now, but I'll post photos once it goes back on.

What axles, any modification? I'm not familiar enough with the Cayman 5-speed to know if it takes the Boxster S axle.
I've got an '01 5-speed going into an S and the 5-speed axles will work, but just barely fit for the nut:
I used 2006 Cayman S axles, uprights etc. Basically all the running gear is from a Cayman S. The different abs sensors were plug and play with my abs unit.
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