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Originally Posted by specboxCO View Post
I have just got my Audi V8 swap up and running in a 2003 boxster S. ... Transmission in standard location, had to cut the engine bay and fab a new cover.
Did you modify the front firewall at all? My cam covers were pressed against the firewall until I hammered and cut a little more space.
It that a custom shifter cable? It's a tight fit over the top with stock.

Originally Posted by specboxCO View Post
Running electric power steering and no AC. Just the alternator driven from the engine.
The huge pulley on the PS comes very close to the parking brake cable. I haven't decided how I want to go yet. I am still considering keeping the AC, but will probably end up with an Ice-chest type cooler.

What do you have for a engine mount/subframe? I paid way too much to have a local fabricator make mine and after bringing it back 3 times gave up on him. I can make it work, but I'm not happy with it.

What axles, any modification? I'm not familiar enough with the Cayman 5-speed to know if it takes the Boxster S axle.
I've got an '01 5-speed going into an S and the 5-speed axles will work, but just barely fit for the nut:
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