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Originally Posted by kk2002s View Post
I use my GPS 95% of the time when i look for speed. The Speedo is off
As far as tach use 100% as it is most important especially city driving
Really? Why? a huge part of driving a stick is hearing and feeling when the shift needs to happen. The tach is to me anyway, eye candy. My daily, a 5.9 liter Magnum V8 has the tach left of the speedo. Both equal in size, never do I look at the tach unless I'm getting some off sound or behavior. I personally don't understand why the tach displays total mileage and trips on the 2001 986. Makes no sense. If the tach is so important, why show those? Seems to me it would make more sense to display actual speed and perhaps mpg but no... Now don't misunderstand me, I love my 986... I baby her and when I've finished the few niggling things I need to fix, she'll end up my daily driver.
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