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Originally Posted by Lacostas View Post
What if the rain is extremely intense ( I could hardly see the road even with high scale of windscreen wipers!) ? Would the clean drain holes sustain that amount of water ?
I was in a torrential downpour for over an hour while driving past Tampa on I-75 2 years ago in my Speed Yellow 2001 S - water up to the rocker panels - and I didn't get a drop of water inside. It was coming down so hard you couldn't see more than 10 feet. I stayed on the bumper of a tanker truck - figured if HE his something it would all be over quickly! LOL Felt like I was living in a "yellow submarine".

SO, my guess is that you will be ok as long as you keep those drains clear. I like to check them about once a month. My Boxster is garaged, but you never know (falling leaves, leaf blowers, etc when parked outside).

I plan to order a waterproof enclosure for my immobilizer in the next week or so from Specialized ECU Repair. For $150 it seems like money well spent. I just need to confirm that I don't already have one installed! (I've never been under that drivers seat)...
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