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1998 Porsche Boxster - wanted?

Hello Guys and Gals

I am new to this forum, I want to thank you for allowing me to join. So here it is, I am 27 I live in Toronto. My colleague has offered me his porsche for $5000 in a private sale.

I do not know much about them, aside from that they are beautiful cars.

its a 1998 boxster convertible - manual transmission, has not been driven much in the last 5 years (colleague inherited the car, he does not drive manual), it has 150k on it.

He is selling as is, I would have to get the certs and e tests.

Can you guys please tell me some costs or repairs I might encounter? Is $5000 worth it for the costs I will incur after the sale? I have already contacted my insurance and its relatively reasonable.

Please keep in mind I have limited experience under the hood, but a "can do" attitude. I have a motorcycle (triumph scrambler) which I do all the maintenance on my own (youtube/google). Is the porsche simply out of my league?

Any suggestions, opinions or insight will be greatly appreciated.

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