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Search for the Brey Krause rollbar extension installation instructions and threads. On the hoops there are three attachment points for the padding. One is at the very top of each hoop and then there are 2 more on each hoop, one towards the bottom of the hoop padding on each side of the hoop. If you have a set of the plastic interior trim removal levers, use those, otherwise use a flat screwdriver with tape over the bladed end. If you want to buy the plastic levers you can get a cheap set at Harbor Freight or on eBay. Pry under the padding and lever the padding off near each of the attachment points. Be careful and try to do it so that any paint that gets scratched is underneath the padding. The padding has three threaded studs that go into little plastic sockets inserted into thre rollbar. If the sockets come out of the rollbar with the padding, just remove them from the studs and reinsert them in the holes in the rollbar. If any of the studs get bent, you can gently straighten them with a pair of pliers. The first time the padding is removed is the hardest, after that it gets easier. This I know from installing and removing my BK rollbar extension a few times. Just press the padding back on when you're ready to reinstall.

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