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Area P No Limits muffler packing

I’ve used “Area P No Limits” muffler packing for over a decade with great success on all my bikes. You use only the Area P, no stainless steel wrapping or SS packing. You can buy it in bulk rather than in specific kits. Google per above in quotes for their website.

I pack my street bikes moderately loose and have had the packing last easily for 2-3 years of regular use. The Area P website claims 20-40k miles for their exhaust systems with their packing material before repack but who knows regarding real world use (too many variables). I love the sound I typically get. Of course, YMMV but IMHO it’s worth taking a look at their site for packing tips, etc if for no other reason.

Packing will typically last longer in high volume (capacity, not sound) mufflers with low amplitude pulses rather than low volume, high amplitude pulse contexts. Heat and muffler can material are also important factors.

Bottom line - Any type of effective muffler packing is a consumable and you’re going to have to open the muffler again to repack it at some point. It’s a given.
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