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Front latch looks the same, but those two side pieces are missing?
They might be the same as for the regular TOP/Hardtop (not sure though)
Take a look at my pic and see what is missing on your side.

Transfered from another thread:
Originally Posted by RedTele58 View Post
BRAN - lots and lots of pictures and a detailed write-up please of prepping the top and installation. Thanks!
Sure thing!!
The top comes with a 14 page installation manual, side and rear windows and parts.

Recommendation was: ALWAYS make sure, that the windshield-roof alignment is perfect throughout the whole adjustment much for the very welcome tips of the seller.

What was missing in general:
hinges: Got a pair of new PORSCHE hinges
"Superglue": I used Liqui Moly 3805 & CSR-Automotive Elch Pro P1 1K-PU-GLUE ZB079 for the rubber seals (dunno what the pros where using for the side and back window).
cables: I got a pack of male/female connectors, to create plug'n'drive connections for the break light & heated rear window.
PLUS: I got the Porsche cable for the rear window OEM-hard top.
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