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Having trouble with heel-toes

So they say it's good to practice heel toeing on the street. Except there is no way that you are applying as much brake pressure on the street as on the track! My issue is during hard braking, say downshifting from 4th to 3rd or 3rd to 2nd, it seems like I either get the lurch forward from too much blipping, or not enough blip and get a slight rear wheel lockup. I think the issue is that the gas pedal is too high when I am braking hard. Another thing that happens to me occasionally is that from 3rd to 2nd, I keep partial gas pedal while braking even after the heel toe is complete, making me freak out why I am not braking quickly enough!!! Can the pedals be moved? Or do I need an aftermarket gas pedal?

By the way, those Federal 595 RS-R tires are phenomenal! I now have 10 heat cycles in them and they have amazing grip, somewhere in the 34-35 psi hot range. Higher than that, and they get a little greasy. They seem to be wearing nicely too.
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