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Originally Posted by JBauer View Post
When does class start? You need to make a video.
Videos would take too I would try win an Oscar for quality and drama.
But a quick n dirty oldschool photoshop should do it too for now, I hope

Class starts now: Bueller...Bueller...Bueller...

Lesson I learned: Manuals are always missing the important details
I tried to use as much professional help as possible
--> Sanding, primer, paint...
--> Attaching the windows...
...well and for the rest...blood sweat and tears, just kidding.

Do all the test/final fitting and adjustments BEFORE taking it to the paint shop.
Especially the trunk lid/hatch...that is the part, which takes by far the most time to adjust...I even modded the hinge holes for better fitment.
And don't give up on the cable/wire is impossible to get those wires through that plastic tube...i ripped it out...and fiddled the cables with little tricks through the duct...string&wire does the trick.
When it comes to "glue" ...the paint shop buddies refused to do those rubber seals... to be continued...
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