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Originally Posted by rusty69911 View Post
78F350 how is your progress? Im just starting mine, Im planning on cutting the rear of the engine bay so it is flat top as I dont intend having a soft top there to fold into the valley,
Cheers Russ...
Hi Russ (and any others that are interested), I have my soft top removed too and am also cutting into the rear of the engine bay. The car has a hardtop and a sun-shade made from a cut-up top that had a bad window.
I didn't work on it all summer, but started in again in September. Right now it's in the garage with engine, transmission, and rear suspension removed. I'm hoping to have the 4.2 and suspension back in tomorrow so I can roll it out of the way and change the clutch on a Honda.
What's done? ...engine maintenance, basic sub-frame, flywheel, clutch, piecing together the 6-speed to 5-speed swap (it's an S model), mapped out the harness from the 4.2 (2003 A8 AUX) engine and most of the Boxster connections. Yesterday I flashed an ECU with a .bin that has already been modified and tuned for the A6 and A8 with manual transmission.
I don't want to do a build thread, because it will make me feel time-pressured to get stuff done, and this swap is one of my lowest priorities right now. I do plan on posting some of the details much later, when I have a running car.
Here's my 5 year old grandson 'installing the clutch':
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