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Originally Posted by 78F350 View Post
Really? On my Boxsters, that switch causes the windows to lower, but has no effect on the dash light. Unlatch the top and the light stay off. Put the top up and the light goes out before I latch it.

On the 1997-1999 models there is a switch in the B-pillar just inside where the top hinges. That switch is closed (signal connected to ground) when the top is fully up or fully down. On 2000 and later models, like James's 2003 S, that switch has been moved inside the left side top transmission. Here's a re-labeled pic of the transmission from the Pelican Parts tech article:

I only know this stuff because I have had it all go wrong in one of the eight troubled Boxsters I've bought.
I have an 01, my left side top transmission has that micro switch. There's also one at the B pillar spot. What does that microswitch do? My car is such a puzzle.

One way to get that dash light to not light up is to remove the double relay for the top. Don't ask me how I know.
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