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Simple and clean VDO-like oil pressure and temp gauges

I wanted to share my experience with adding an aftermarket oil pressure and temperature gauge.

To avoid looking like a Japanese Pachinco arcade, I wanted something simple in both design and function. Some Lemons racer friends turned me onto these VDO-imitation gauges from eBay. I figured for the asking price, they were worth the gamble:

Oil Pressure Gauge
Oil Temperature Gauge

When I received the gauges, I was pleasantly surprised. 270 sweeping stepper motor action and LED back lighting. Additionally, the gauges can be configured (via dip switches on the back of the gauge) for various sending units.

To mount the gauges, a simple 1-DIN gauge panel for two 52mm (2 & 1/16 per the crown's measurement) was put in place of the original CD holder.

Overall, I'm very happy with how it all turned out. Clean and simple.

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