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Again, many thanks to those who have responded. It's priceless to get different perspectives from those who are knowledgeable and have no motives to empty your wallet.

@thstone, the leak is more like a 'leak' ie., several spots of 50cents on the ground. I can see several spots where oil is standing.
@BYprodriver, yes the warranty work to fix previous leak was before 2005 (2003 to be exact)
@nieuwhzn, I too have just spent $1400 to replace the AOS and the water pump.

Last weekend, thinking that it was a transmission leak, I tried to top off the transmission oil. FYI, I just changed the transmission oil & filter a few months ago. However, with the transmission oil at the correct temperature and the engine is running, when I removed the filler plug the hot oil gushing out quite a bit. So I put the plug back in. I'm 100% sure I did NOT put in as much transmission oil as the amount that came out when I change the oil few months ago. Is this because I only jacked up the rear wheel instead of raised all 4 wheels at level?
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