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Originally Posted by Anker View Post
You may be able to get an orthoscope through the CPS access hole. You will, of course, need to remove the CPS (Crank Position Sensor). If you are able to maneuver the orthoscope between the flywheel and the engine you can try to see if its the RMS, which is at the center of the engine case, or the IMS, which is at the bottom of the engine case. The orthoscope may also be able to reach front transmission bearing.

The usual process is to remove the transmission. Whether the orthoscope method is even possible, I don't know. But if it isn't the only method is to drop the transmission.
There is absolutely no way to get any type of otoscope behind the flywheel to see the IMS or RMS, believe me, we have tried several of the smallest and most expensive on the market, and none of them worked. You have to take the car apart.
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