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Originally Posted by kevinle92618 View Post
I'll take some pictures of the leaks and post it tonight.

FYI, many years ago (when the car was still under warranty), the dealer fixed the RMS leak once before.

How do I know if it's an IMS or RMS leak? Quite frankly, I'm a bit tight with $$$ right now. I'm willing to get my knuckle dirty and I'm just your average DIY. Definitely I can't afford to take it out to a shop. What are my options here? What risks are there if I continue to drive the car while monitoring the oil level? I assume the both IMS & RMS leaks engine oil? Now that I know it could be IMS related, my main concerns are IMS and transmission leak (which I can't really refill/monitor easily).
The only way to know if the RMS or IMS seals have failed is to pull the gear box, clutch and flywheel and then take a look. There is no other way.
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