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Which one, engine or transmission, is leaking oil?

Hi all,

Once again, I've come here to ask for your wisdom in determining which one, engine or transmission, is leaking oil. The car is a 2001 Boxster with Tiptronics.

I can see several wet spots. One noticeable spot is right between the transmission and the oil pan. I will take pictures and post here if necessary. I already poured the UV dye into the engine oil and the result is inconclusive. I said that because under UV light, the leaked oil looks similar to other non-dyed oil as well as the engine oil. Is the UV dye not working as advertised? The dye is made by NAPA. I have several questions to ask:

1) Is there a way to do the same procedure (UV dye) with the transmission oil?
2) If it's leaking transmission oil, how can I keep refill it easily and quickly (I already removed the transmission underbody pan)
3) A indie shop looked at it and told me they can't fixed it since they think the leak is right where the transmission connected to the engine, hence dealer fix item only.

Thank you.
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