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Originally Posted by steved0x View Post
Maybe the Spec Miata guys that have moved to Spec Boxster are saving all that money on the body panels and crash damage the had in Spec Miata (aka Spec Pinata)
I don't know how much damage they accumulate in Spec Miata, but the SPB guys treat them like bumper cars. I'm sure I've supplied every SPB in Texas with a body part at one point in the last 4 years. I've had a few that were so damaged they needed a whole body to repair the damage from racing.
I'm also not sure how long a miata motor is lasting in racing but the 2.5 Porsche motor seems to last a few seasons if you're lucky. I'd guess 1 out of 4 get replaced a year. The transmission is 1-2 seasons and lots of guys carry spares with them to the races.
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