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Originally Posted by itsnotanova View Post
80% of my customers are SPB or WRL. I've had a few that made the jump from Miata to Porsche and I've heard nothing but the opposite. It takes about the same amount to convert a good car into a race car, but the porsche is much more expensive to keep on the track.
The biggest cost surprise (to me, at least) in the data I've gathered for the Miata is the cost of maintaining a competitive engine, and the small number of hours until it's not competitive. The Boxster has a very reliable engine whose HP can't really be increased by a pro build. Not so with the Miata.

To be clear, in this survey, I'm not asking for the cost of the average mid-pack car in a regional race. In order to make an apples-to-apples comparison across so many classes, the scenario is a car that's capable of winning a Major or finishing in the top five at the Run-offs. In some classes, such as Formula Enterprises, nearly all cars meet this criteria, so I have to make that the scenario for comparison.

As for Porsche's other than the 1997-1999 Boxster, there's no doubt that costs can get crazy.
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