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Originally Posted by thstone View Post
200 hp at the crank for the 2.5L engines (I wish I had 225!!)

Professional engine rebuild is around $10K.
I think you might!

I know the factory quoted 201 at the crank. However, as you've documented before, we gain a bit by removing the AC compressor, using a smaller pulley, replacing the cat and muffler.

I dyno'ed my car (with cat) and got 192 HP and 176 ft-lbs torque at the wheels. Other people have reported up to 196 HP at the wheels.

Given that there's about 15% loss through the gearbox, 196/.85 = 230 at the crank.

What do you think of my logic?

Regarding the engine, I know you had a professional rebuild and didn't like the results. I think the power was the same, and reliability wasn't, shall we say, ideal.

How has the reliability of used engines been? How many racing hours would you say they go before being down on power to the point of being non-competitive?

What does a used engine cost? And then just replace the IMS, RMS, water pump, and timing chain--ready to go racing?
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