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That's good to hear--I think I'll go that way (7/8"), though I may still go with the Hydro Tech pads. Quite a few users of what they call the tangerine and cyan pads have tripped all over themselves to say how great they are (in spite of the fact that they maybe are a little less durable). The gain is supposed to be that somehow they don't drink up (ie waste) as much product. We'll see.

That and it just kind of simplifies things. It's easier to just grab the three that are offered in the Hydro Tech line, rather than trying to decide between eight or ten colors in the other lines---whose differences, as described at Autogeek and elsewhere, are so subtle as to make the whole process of choosing ridiculous..

And yes, I'd love to have one of those 3" (or 3.5") backing plates and small pads. Maybe for next time. Like I said, I've gotten kinda carried away on the purchases this go-round...even got me a detailing cart ordered---though not one of those ridiculously priced units that they have at Griot's or Autogeek. There are very similar products for about half the price on eBay. :dance:
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