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SPB operational costs

Over on I've been conducting a survey of operational costs for each racing class.

Here I'm only looking at the predictable costs that vary between the classes.

Some costs are more or less the same between classes, such as towing, hotel, food, entry fee, and so on. I am ignoring those costs.

Some costs are personal choice, and not inherent in the class, such as how much you choose to spend on your tow vehicle or RV, or paying people to support you. I am ignoring those too.

Some costs, while having some correlation to the class, are unpredictable and so difficult to quantify, such as crash repairs or engine failures. I am ignoring those too.

That leaves me with:
  • tires
  • engine rebuild (by a professional)
  • gearbox rebuild
  • fuel
  • brake pads
  • other, depending on the class

"Other" could include, for example, gearbox replacement if your class has a weak gearbox.

I guess there are other smaller but predictable maintenance costs, such as oil changes, brake rotors, brake fluid, etc. If you think Spec Boxster has above or below average expenses in these areas, let me know, and I will include them.

Drivers from many of the classes have responded with data for their class, and the result is:

a spreadsheet in Google docs

Here's what I have for Spec Boxster. If you have changes, please reply below, and I will update the spreadsheet.
Class name: SPB
Engine make: Porsche
Engine model: M96.20
Displacement: 2500
Power at crank, HP: 225
Torque at crank, ft-lbs: 202
Weight with driver, lbs: 2,650
Purchase new, $: 50,000 pro shop build
Purchase used, $: 30,000
Tires set, $: 944
Tire competitive heat cycles: 16
Engine rebuild, $: 5,000
Engine competitive hours: 80
Fuel $/gallon: 3.00
Fuel gallons/hour: 10
Brake pads set, $: 553
Brake pads hours: 10
Gearbox rebuild, $: 750 replace
Gearbox hours: 30
Other operational costs, $:


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