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It's hard to say with that poorboys product. I suspect that it fills quite a bit, so it might give the illusion of correction when its really not doing much. Maybe thats why it was moved where it is on the chart. I have their polish with sealant, which was also previously listed as being more aggressive, and I can confirm it fills quite a bit.

The appeal of one step products for me is that you can allow them to dry. If your paint is indeed in good shape and you aren't shooting for absolute perfection you can save yourself a ton of time by not having to wipe the product off right away. You can do a couple panels or even the whole car before wiping. Both of the products I listed are a good base for a sealant/wax. Most people (myself included) top off all in ones.

Depending on your color and how your paint reacts you may not even have to follow the intensive polish with a finishing polish. On hard paints, I've seen menzerna 400 finish down wax ready.
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