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Originally Posted by boxxster View Post
That poorboys product is more of a cleaner wax and has virtually no abrasion.
Thanks for the link to the more updated Autopia polish chart. (I've been referring to the older one for a week now )

It’s interesting, in the older one the Poorboys Professional Polish was listed in the middle of the 3 columns that were collectively labeled “Final Polishes and Light Swirl Removers.” And in the listing it indicates the product (ie its correction capability) is “pad dependent.” That's why I figured it might be an okay choice to tackle my almost invisible, super light swirls. Throw an orange cutting pad on the PC, squirt on some PB Pro Polish and knock 'em out. In the updated table (the one I hadn’t seen until just now), they move the product 2 columns to the left, into the “Nonabrasive cleaners/glazes.” Do we infer that the product itself has been changed? I dunno, maybe so.

I speculate about that, because of the PB Pro Polish I had previously read online comments like:
“Yes, PP is a very versatile product and paired up with a finishing pad it’s a finishing polish and paired up with a cutting pad or wool pad it will do some serious correction!”
“I have done paint corrections on some seriously swirled finishes, from cut to finish using just Pro Polish. It works well in direct sun too. For removing hard water mineral deposits, nothing beats it…Pro Polish is by far the most versatile polish that I have ever used.”
But those (I came to realize) were older comments, made well before even the earlier Autopia comparison chart had come out.

I got to diggin' around in my car stuff cabinets in the garage and found about a half bottle of Menzerna Intensive Polish. Maybe I'll do a light Porter Cable
workout with that on the Box. Should more than take care of the light swirling I've seen. What's weird, though... With what you've said, about zero abrasives and all, would the PB Professional Polish even be a decent follow up to the Intensive Polish? On the one hand, the sales pitchers at Autogeek say of it, "This polish exfoliates impurities, clarifies your vehicle’s finish, brings out the maximum shine, minimizes scratches and swirls and dissolves water spots," and "If you want the optimum foundation for applying a wax, you’ll get it with Poorboy’s Professional Polish." On the other hand, with Intensive Polish, as a semi-aggressive polish/swirl remover, one would think a follow up finishing polish would be called for prior to sealant/wax. But if their so-called "optimum foundation" polish (ie PB Pro Polish) doesn't even have a speck of abrasive, can it even arguably fit that bill? This stuff's confusing...

Originally Posted by boxxster View Post
My go to one steps are menzerna 3 in 1 (basically menzerna 2500 mixed with their color lock wax) and hd speed. Both have a good amount of cut with a more aggressive pad (menzerna especially) and both finish down amazingly well with a more gentle pad.
Those are interesting options. I'd never even heard of HD Speed. But there's a part of me that rebels at the thought of resorting to one-step products. I'm aching knees and bum shoulder say, "Go for it!" But my stubborn head and heart say no. Maybe instead of the PB Pro I'll pick up some of either the Menzerna SF-3500 or SF-3800 to follow the Intensive Polish.

Originally Posted by jakeru View Post
If there is enough interest in talking car detailing, it might make sense to ask the 986 forum admins to add a subforum on car detailing! What do you guys think?
I'm onboard with that idea!
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