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That poorboys product is more of a cleaner wax and has virtually no abrasion. I would only use that on a newer car or a car that has recently been corrected. My go to one steps are menzerna 3 in 1 (basically menzerna 2500 mixed with their color lock wax) and hd speed. Both have a good amount of cut with a more aggressive pad (menzerna especially) and both finish down amazingly well with a more gentle pad. Meguiars ultimate polish and ultimate compound are both really good if you want a dedicated compound and polish. If I could only have one product though it would probably be menzerna 3 in 1. Its very, very versatile and super easy to use. If you need something that can be used in the sun I would recommend hd speed.

Here is a chart comparing all the different compounds and polishes:
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