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STILL have not yet found the time to dive into this project yet.

Part of the holdup has been sorting through ALL THE STUFF on these auto detailing websites. My gosh, you can spend hours. Just trying to figure out which microfibers to buy and use can be mind-numbing

Anyway, sounds like you (Rick) used Griot's products. I've got a Porter Cable DA polisher (the 7424XP), so I was considering this:

CCS Spot Buffs 4 Inch Foam Pad Kit

The package includes some of the pads that I think would be useful to me. It's also got a 2.75" backing plate, combo'd with 4" pads, which is a greater disparity between backing plate and pad size (ie versus your 3" and 3.5"). You think that would be an issue? I wouldn't think so but I thought I'd ask.

I've also decided on maybe trying a couple of Poorboys products, specifically starting out with their World Professional Polish and finishing with the Poorboys EX (sealant with carnauba). I know the former has very little cutting power, but I broke out the halogen light and got to looking closely at my finish. I have to look REALLY HARD to even find any swirls, and the ones I do find are super light/superficial. (I find this amazing in a 16 year old car!) I'm just not sure I need anything as aggressive as the Meguiars D300. And the Poorboys polish description says that it's cutting power is "pad dependent." If that's the case, I'm thinking their polish on an orange pad might work very well for me. Maybe even on a black pad. (The other nice thing about Poorboys products is that they can be used in direct sunlight.)

Not sure I'd ever use it on my paint, but the kit also contains an adapter to allow these items to be used on a hand drill. Might come in handy elsewhere around the house or garage..

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