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Originally Posted by JayG View Post
I always laugh when people throw on fleabay aero and think it is going to improve things. Often it can have a detrimental effect.
So true. On the red 924S I had an issue with the front end lifting at T9 at Road Atlanta. My solution was to add a splitter. Next time there, the front end was planted and the ass end was all over the place (not just T9, but also the esses) and lap times when UP! Then I had to add a wing and start the balancing act. In the end, the car was much better, but it took time and effort to get it there. If you do not have a data acquisition system in the car, you will need one.

I will also say that one of the reasons that I sold the V8 944 was because I got sick and tired of the constant arms race ($$$) and track tuning that was required to win/podium in wt/hp class racing.
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