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Post Few questions regarding my 2006 boxster

New Porsche owner here!

So I'm picking up my 2006 Boxster base tomorrow and I realised that the car has absolutely no phone connection for music and I was looking for a cheap quick fix before I have the whole radio set up replaced with a touch screen GPS set up in a few months or so. It's got the bose system and I heard that there was a quick aftermarket fix by replacing the CD player input with an AUX, however, I'm not sure that's an option for the 987? I've only seen this on 986's. If I could get any recs on a good phone/GPS/audio system for it as well that would be fantastic.

Other than that I also wanted to know if you guys could recommend things for me to do right off the bat after getting it. Car's got almost exactly 60k miles on it and already had all maintenance done up to 60k. I have roughly 5k to work with as far as mods and preventative fixes go but I'm pretty torn on a lot of things as well as not entirely aware of what mods I can apply, for example, I really wanted to get PCCB for it but I see no point in getting them right now as the brakes its got now are basically brand new.

Thanks for reading


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