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Yeah, I was talking about the cutting pad on the MF. I was thinking in terms of just using foam for the follow-up polishing step. But you may have changed my mind. What with the clogging/difficult cleaning of the microfiber pad, sounds like youíre now inclined to go with foam pads all the way. I guess maybe I am too. So, just to be sure Iím understanding you---you used the D300 on the foam (as well as the MF) and it performed well that way?

And Iím also interested in what you say about using the 3.5Ē pads with the 3Ē backing plate. Amazingly that never crossed my mind, but itís a good idea. Pretty sure Iím going to order that as well.

Thanks for the response, and for mentioning your blog---Iíve now checked it out.
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