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Machine polishing questions

Iíve noticed that, apparently, the big thing these days is to substitute a microfiber bonnet for the orange or white foam pad to do the heavy lifting swirl removal work. For those of you using DA polishing equipment, has anyone out there got any experience using this approach? Impressions, favorable or otherwise? I gather that one needs to keep on top of keeping the pad clean as you work---is that pretty easy to do?

In that regard, I noticed that AutoGeek now has a whole Meguiars ďsystemĒ along these lines (see: Meguiars DA Microfiber Correction System, paint polishing system, car polish, car detailing system, compounding system, remove scratches), but Iíve historically not used a lot of Meguiars products in the past. Iíve typically used either Menzerna polishes or, on occasion, Poorboys. As far as I can tell, the MF bonnets could be used with them as well.

Part of the reason I ask is that I already have foam pads. In that I already need to place an order for other detailing products, I was wondering if it was worthwhile to pick up some of the MF bonnets as well?

Related question: Iíve considered picking up a ďminiĒ DA polisher to deal with those small areas that are kind of a PITA to deal with using 6Ē pads on my Porter Cable. Unfortunately, those listed at AutoGeek (Car Buffers, Car Polishers, Rotary Polishers, polishing foam pads, buffing pads, wool pad, Porter Cable 7424, Makita, DeWalt, Cyclo buffer, bonnet,) are ridiculously pricey. Having spent not much over $100 for my PC a few years ago, I donít see myself forking over $275+ for one of these mini units. (It would be different if I was doing this for a living!) Has anyone found one of these smaller units at a more reasonable price? One they were happy with, that is?

Thanks in advance.
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