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Still driving around with my spray-painted bumper. Kind of an outlaw look, if I might say so.

Originally Posted by tsVestor View Post
Nice work, can you please tell me what diameters are the stock holes in the bumper or what diameter does the Bosch sensor have?
Anyway, sorry for the delay in answering.

The Bosch sensor face is 20mm in diameter. I drilled the holes to be 25mm, plus some sanding, to accommodate the rubber washer. I didn't measure the diameter of the sensor body.

As I have a fragment of the old bumper for the very purpose of measuring the size (and placement) of the original holes, here's the sizes below. Note that these holes are irregular (might have been a dealer-installed option???) and that there's a little 2mm notch (orientation shouldn't matter) to prevent the rear mounting from twisting.

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