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The comments here run the usual gamut when it comes to Dr Colorchip (and, presumably, the Langka system, though I've not tried that one). Some people love it, some not so much.

I think one factor is color: some colors tend to work better than others. Don't ask me which, I don't recall--"Search", your friend. I think it also depends on one's technique, which in all honesty I didn't think was all that tough to master. Your level of satisfaction also depends (of course) on what your expectations were going in. I didn't expect anything even approaching miraculous, and that's what I got. It was better than it was before, and I was okay with that (my paint's seal grey, btw). When it comes to road rash, there tends to be LOTS of tiny blemishes...unless you're ridiculously patient, far too many to fill-in one at a time with any sort of actual touch-up paint/clearcoat approach.

For larger blemishes, has anyone tried this technique?
I have not, but wish I had seen this vid before my last repair attempt. I somehow developed a good-sized chip next to my passenger side door handle. It was bigger than match head sized, but the primer was in good shape---in my mind, however, clearly NOT a good candidate for Dr C. This has been a few years ago, but IIRC I basically cleaned the area w/ isopropyl and I think I also did the rough-up using the sand paper-circle-applied-to-the-pencil-eraser technique. I then meticulously dabbed-in the paint in stages, eventually sanding things down with increasingly super-fine sandpaper. It looked GREAT...until I followed with the (I believe) Porsche-supplied clearcoat. I have NO IDEA why, but for some reason that last step noticeably darkened the color of the touch-up. With time invested, and as smooth and seamless as I had gotten the repair, that outcome was absolutely maddening.

Anyway, in the reference vid, Mr Kosilla mixed in the clear with the paint instead of applying it afterward. I was curious if anyone else had tried that and, if so, what their results were like. The touch-up tool (the fine-tipped tube applicator with the tiny paint well) that he used here looks really interesting too:
AND...jakeru? I'd love to see that DIY as well

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