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The Dr Colorchip paint match is perfect on my GT silver metallic 986. After a little practice, I was able to disappear the chips on my hood and front bumper cover with no problems. No more black speckles. YMMV, but I get a much better result than using conventional touch up paint from the dealer or aftermarket (even when using a leveler product). You can stand directly by the car and still not spot most repairs.

Smearing the paint with my thumb or finger rather than dotting or blobbing it on the chip, gentle lateral swipes with the sealact and a light pass with a new microfiber cloth to remove the sealact was the key for me. It was counter intuitive at first, but I got the hang of it with practice. I do Dr Colorchip repairs in my garage on cool paint at 65-75 degrees F.

No clue how well it would work on solid colors, using other application methods or at other temps. After decades of custom work on cars and motorcycles, I do know that paint changes color with age and this poses problems for accurate color match with any product.
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