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Originally Posted by BRAN View Post
Well, I would say the interior look is defined be the money you want to invest.
Design wise the Z-Art interior looks pretty good almost OEM.
Mine is also seal gray inside, and a little alcantera "could" be the icing on the cake.
I will post a few pics on the seal grey thread soon.
Recommendation: If you find someone, who will prepare/install a Z-Top for a reasonable price...DO IT.
If you have a "challenge accepted" attitude, it can be a manageable DIY project.
Thanks for the info. Looking forward to seeing those pics. The interior on the Morris top looks pretty nice but Ive have nothing to compare it to. That and the ease of install,removal time.that drew me to the Morris. Morris top is actually higher priced and has to be shipped from France. The Z Art distributor is about a 4 he drive from me. I wanted to do their drive in install for $350 that's on their website but aren't doing it at this time. What's a reasonable price in your opinion?

Thanks again.
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