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Originally Posted by boxxster View Post
Probably not the answer you're looking for but for what you want to use the top for (winter) I would recommend just getting a used OEM hardtop. Color wouldn't even have to match (black or grey would probably look ok on your red car, for instance).

Reason I say this is because not only would you save yourself a ton of time and money, but I would be leery of running an aftermarket top in the winter. Who knows how well its going to hold up to snow and ice? Is it going to fit and seal like OEM? In any case, I'd feel much better winter driving my car with a relatively cheap used top than one I just spent a ton of money on by the time its painted.
I wont drive it in the snow/Ice just on cold days. I don't like the looks of the factory top (no offense to anyone here that has one ) just my opinion

Makes a beautiful car look like a turtle
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