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That second top is interesting. The first picture of the second top shows the center 3rd brake light which I interpret to mean the rear trunk can still be opened. But it also looks like that car is a 987. Then the last picture of that second top shows the back edge of the top covering the third brake light and the front edge of the rear trunk deck, and they've added a rear spoiler with an integrated 3rd brake light. And that car is a 986. So I'd want to be sure the rear trunk is still functional on a 986 with that second top.

As for whether installing any hard top is a one or two person job, I am of the opinion that it is always a 2 person job. That is the way I always install and remove my factory hard top. We do it by hand, as opposed to a hoist, but I would still be leery of doing it solo even with a hoist because I would hate to miss the spinlocks and have the pointy ends ding or scratch my car!
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