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Greetings from Hoosierland... I did a fairly impressive pirouette through an intersection on 31 during an ice storm several years back. Nothing hurt or damaged, but scared the bejesus outta me.

My question is... Do you HAVE to drive your Boxster during the winter, or are you just choosing to do so? The Boxster is designed to be an all season vehicle, but as much as we love them (if we were all really honest), there are better options. For example, you CAN drive a nail with a screwdriver, but a hammer is a better tool for the job. If I were considering your quandary, I might start to think about the cost of prepping your Boxster for winter driving (hard top, snow tires, etc.) and start weighing that against another car for winter.

Besides, winters here in Indiana mean either -20 or 70... And on the nice days the Boxster will be there just waiting for you to play.
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