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Hardtop quandary, yes quandary

I've been planning on ordering a Z-top for the winter. Since it just around the corner I was just about ready and I've found another top that interests me. They both have good points, a just a few bad.
The Z-Art top:

since most are familiar with this top not going to post anymore pics.

The good: Looks really cool. Looks like it comes with wiring. Can get it shipped directly to paint shop for trimming and painting.

The bad: Never seen inside pics, oddly enough they don't show any?? Installation a 2 person job, which means Id have to call son for help, for me at least. Have to remove trunk lid, clamshell. Not a really hard job but not one you'd want to do very much. So once installed it on until spring, probably.

The other top:

Figure they are the same approx. price.

The good: Don't have to remove clam shell, trunk lid. Supposedly 1 person can install it. Indian summer comes along I can just take it off. It comes with headliner, the Z its $250 to $300 extra? Installs just like the factory top.

The bad: doesn't look quite as cool. Say they only ships to Indy 70 miles away from me. Takes 2 weeks to get.

Ztop owners, others opinions?
Thank you.

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