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Iv broken it lol.

Hi Chaps
Though Id do the the simple task of cleaning the throttle body out last night as its been moving a little on tick over since my mechanic friend of a friend did the starter motor swap

All went well but I couldn't get the electronic throttle plug off the throttle body so I left it on.

The TB was a mess so I cleaned it up then fitted everything back in place now it fires and revs but wont idle at all as if its drawing too much air.

All I can think of is the throttle sensor needed to be unplugged then plugged back in so the car can recalibrate to the clean TB.

Iv tried pinching the plug at the sides but its just not budging so Im bottling out and getting a garage to come and fix it.

Should run well when its fixed as the TB's whole butterfly valve was black with crud

Wifey has banned me now form touching the engine lol

ill keep you guys informed.
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