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Originally Posted by cartagena
I spent about 5 years on the big banana until Fidel made it unbearable to live even for tourists. I have been to Camaguay a couple of times as well. First time I made the giant mistake of taking the train from Cienfuegos to Camagua. It was a Soviet train that must have been built in the 1950s with nice comfortable wood seats and constant fumes from the engine sufficient enough to kill any insects I might have picked up. If I remember correctly it was also about 11 hours since the train only went about 20 kilometers an hour. I am sure Camaguay was a beautiful city before the beard and will be once again after they bury him. I am not Cuban but I am excited as anyone in Miami about the news that the SOB may be dead. I dream of someday driving another Porsche around Havana or in the campo.
I've seen so many pictures and heard so many stories of my Mom's home and the plantation in Camaguay I can practically breathe it right now at my desk. I think one of the first things we'd do would be to hunt down the "treasure". Apparently my grandfather used to bury money. Of course, the directions are a bit cryptic and probably unusable (15 steps from the old lime tree in the SW orchard). I've spent my whole life learning about "my heritage" without once visiting it - Man I hope it happens. It would mean so much to finally "go home".....

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