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Originally Posted by rick3000 View Post
I think there is some confusion in this thread over the correct terms for different types of paint correction and care products. A quick run down:

Compounds are used to correct heavy scratches and swirls
Polish is used to correct light scratches and swirls, and after a compound to remove an residual haze
Glazes are temporary fillers that mask paint defects like scratches, but do not last very long and do not resolve the underlying issue of a scratch or swirl.
Clay is used to remove contaminates imbedded in the paint, it is an abrasive and should only be used when necessary. If you keep the car protected with sealant and/or wax, you should not have to clay every often.

All In One's
Cleaner Waxes, or All In One types products are have some mild polish in them to remove light defects and leave behind a layer of protection. They work reasonably well, they are kind of like all-season tires okay for most, not the best at anything.

Sealant is normally a polymer, which is longer lasting than wax, but does not shine as much.
Wax is used to add shine, but does not last very long.
*A lot of people put wax over a sealant to get the advantages of both, both provide some UV protection. The longevity of sealant and wax depends on the conditions (sun, rain, etc).
Coatings are a relatively new development, and permanently adhere to the clear coat (at least for several years). Coatings primarily add protection and can change the way water reacts with the surface of the paint, for instance causing it to bead or sheet. You can put sealant and wax over a coating. There are different types of coatings, like ceramic or "glass". The top layer will dictate the hydrophobic properties of the paint, so if you put sealant or wax on a coating you will lose those properties until the sealant or wax wears away.

Temporary Protection/Other
Spray Wax can be used in between waxing to add some extra shine. It does not have the same protective ability as a coat of wax, but can help "boost" an existing coat of wax and extend its life. I use spray wax to lubricate the paint when drying it after a wash to add shine, and avoid grinding any residual dirt into the paint.
Instant Detailer is basically expensive water, and is used to lubricate the paint when spot removing something. I just use spray wax instead.

Hydrophobic Properties
Most people want beading because they know what that is, and think it is the best. Sheeting is actually better, because it will cause the water to roll off the paint instead of sitting on the paint as a bead, then evaporate leaving a water spot (unless you are using filtered water).
This is an awesome write up. I wish this software had a LIKE button!
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