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You guys are confused about beading and sheeting. A good sealant/wax that beads will also sheet. It depends how the water ends up on the car and where the water is. Mist water on, it will bead, especially on a horizontal surface like a roof or trunk lid. Dump/pour a bucket of water on your car and it will sheet off.

Notice the difference in how the water reacts with the paint with the pressure washer vs the hose:

A wax and a sealant are no different with respect to how they sheet/bead. Some brands behave slightly different than others, yes, but both create a hydrophobic layer which behaves like in the video above. A wax is just natural (carnauba based) and a sealant is synthetic.

Here is a video of a 100% carnauba WAX. Notice how it behaves identically to the sealant I linked above? It just depends how the water is applied.

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