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When I was about 5 years old I had one of my first video games. Full of anything and everything exciting that was out in the late 90s early 2000s (sadly no boxster though).

As I grew up I'd spend hours driving virtual XKRs, 911 turbos, Diablos, and even the rare mclaren f1 or Mercedes clk gtr.

However, two cars really caught my fancy. The BMW z8 and the carrera gt concept.

Fast forward 10 years and I was 16 all I knew is that I wanted a roadster. I knew it'd be my first car. I'd happily settle for a cheap Miata or z3 but upon searching I quickly realized that objectively in ever way the boxster was the best 1995 through 2008 roadster on the market. I had a huge affinity for the Porsche brand and I was amazed to see the value for money a 2.5 could be had for. I had grown accustomed to simulators like gran turismo and saw the benefit to a car with fantastic driving dynamics (and I also wanted something classy for date night almost 4 years later and soon to be a teenager no more I can say porsches have served me very well for making for a spectacular date night car)

It helped that my dad worked as service advisor for a dealer network that had a Porsche dealer.

I started making the case to my parents about how it would cost no more than the average one or two generation back mustang that every other kid my age asked for.

We found a mechanically sound but with bad paint 2.5 that was struggling to sell in winter 2013. After a few test drives. I was sold. (And so we're my parents.)
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