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I was making noises about wanting another sports car (haven't had one for 10 years or so). I wanted something with good performance, good looks, good reliability (I didn't know about ISB, AOS, etc.) as I'm not mechanical. My son told me his neighbor had put his up for sale. I drove it, liked the way it drove (986 S) but didn't like the color (black and showing lots of little scratches, swirl marks, dings) but that started me looking. A few weeks later I came across an ad in for the car I bought. It was a color I liked (arctic silver), had lo miles (10.8k) perfect - no dings, no marks, no curb rash), had maintenance record showing it was maintained "by the book," and while a higher price than most @ 17.5k, I felt it was well worth the price. That was a little over 3 years ago and I'm still in bliss every time I drive it which is almost every day from April through October.
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