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I was going to upgrade the daily but then I'd only be moving to a newer 2.0 litre turbo diesel and just thought what's the point. I do large work miles and lets face it any tool for that purpose is going to be boring.

So I decided I'd go looking for a fun weekend summer toy. Two seats, convertible, good performance and capable of track work.

So Z4, SLK, S2000 were on the shortlist. So it had come down to the S2000 and was about to buy. Savage engine, chassis and gearbox. Brilliant when the Vtec comes on song.

However I had been thinking about the Boxster and wasn't sure. Always wanted one but thought it was a step too far but decided I should test drive one to rule it out.

Found an S in a garage and took it out. Could not stop grinning, the torque, the noise of the flat 6. It was an occasion and that was it. The quest for an S started.

Eventually found one and I must say I still can't stop grinning. Every drive is an occasion and as a touring car it's far more comfortable than the S2000 which is a fantastic machine also.

So I'm now hooked on flat sixes, funny the way things take a turn.

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