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I'm new here so I suppose this post can be my intro as well. My path to the Boxster:

About 7 years ago I stumbled over a barn-find AC Cobra replica. Had a lot of fun with the car but there's no way I can use it as a daily. No security, no weather protection, thirsty, etc. So I needed to find something similar a bit more practical.

3 years ago I decided on a 2002 MG TF. For those in countries where this car isn't sold, it's a small sporty 4 cylinder 2 seater, similar to the MX5. But it's mid-rear engined (basically a FWD setup at the rear of the car) so it handles well. It's got the usual HVAC, sound, electric everything. The roof is manual but no real hardship as it stays open 99% of the time. Being in Africa I could use it as a daily drive and only really needed to close it when parking it in a dodgy area, or in winter in case there was a shower when I was away from it. All was good in the world so I had to screw that up.

Late last year I decided I wanted a fun 4 seater because my BMW 330d econobox was too bland, and circumstance was pushing me into the 4 seater too often for my liking. So I bought a Subaru WRX. Still fairly new to me but a good move. The law of unintended consequences however kicked in and once the novelty of the Scooby had worn off I jumped into the MG for a drive and found it to be suddenly very very slow and not much fun to drive any more.

So here I was shopping for another toy. The Boxster kind of became an obvious choice. All the pros of the MG- practical, not too crazy running costs, mid engine, handling. Also nice to have a boxer engine like the Scooby, and an automatic roof didn't hurt. Similar power to the WRX albeit delivered differently.

I've had her for a month- 2000 Boxster S in dark blue (midnight?) with full tan leather interior. Same colour scheme as my soon-to-be-sold MG. Stock so far but my short shifter is on the way and I'm sure more upgrades will follow. Still in the honeymoon phase but I'm sure I'll be a Porsche owner for a long time.

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